Bertrand Godin has become a leading communicator. Well articulated, enthusiastic and resolutely sympathetic, he is very much appreciated by organizations and events that he has represented over the past years. The Montreal Auto Show, the Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs and Mr. Muffler Company have each taken their turn to put to good use Bertrand’s undoubtable passion.

Bertrand has also collaborated in several causes such as the Vision Challenge of the Mira Foundation and the Marie-Robert Foundation, which helps victims of traumatic brain injury. Finally, in order to raise public awareness of the effects of drinking and driving, Labatt and Alcotube have also collaborated with him.


Each year, as a spokesperson, Bertrand Godin meets thousands of people with whom he shares his passion. Charismatic and very close to people, he has the ability to inspire and motivate people regardless of what their age and occupations may be. Using anecdotes related to his career as a professional car racer, Bertrand Godin leads his audience on the fast track of passion and in complete safety.

Amongst the topics covered:

– Motivation, success and surpassing oneself

– Team mobilization

– Health and security at work.

Duration of the conference: 60 minutes or may be adapted to suit different needs.



According to Bertrand Godin, we are all pilots in life, driving our future, both personally and professionally. Through his speech, he makes comparisons between the art of driving a racing car and the ability to drive our future. Inspiration, goals, preparation, stress, respect, challenges and attitude are all topics covered in his conference in which his passion for racing and life will make you go through a range of emotions.


Over the years, workplace safety has become a priority in our businesses.  Motorsport has been and still is today seen as an extreme sport. Suddenly, the job of a car racer is considered to be one of the most dangerous ones. Yet, despite race speeds of more than 300 km/h, very few injuries and deaths have been reported in the past years. In his conference, Bertrand Godin broaches this subject and draws some parallels with the security approach of a profession where the pressure of performance is omnipresent. Regardless of the business, this conference highlights the importance of challenging oneself and being motivated to perform safely.


2009 to 2011: Analyst of the program Champkart broadcasted on RDS

2011: Analyst of Légendes de la route broadcasted on Historia channel

2013: VAT Sport Analyst at Indycar Race Description


Since 2002: Spokesman of the Montreal International Auto Show

2003: Spokesman for the public awareness campaign on drinking and driving at Labatt BrewerySince

2004: Spokesperson for the company Monsieur Muffler

2007: Honorary Patron of the Operation Brake grouping the six police forces serving the Montérégie

2008: Honorary patron of the Regional Winter Tire Awareness Day organized by the Mauricie Center-du-Québec district of the Sûreté du Québec and the MRC police station

2009: Honorary President of the 7th edition of the Winter Road Safety Awareness Day in Mauricie and Center-du-Québec

2012: Participation in the development of awareness campaigns on various topics in road safety for various audiences with the Sûreté du Québec

2018: Safety spokesperson for the Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.