After supporting the cause for several years, racing driver Bertrand Godin becomes the official spokesman of PROCURE – The Force Against Prostate Cancer, alongside Isabelle Pagé and Winston McQuade. This is a cause that is particularly important to him due to his dear friend Jean Pagé’s passing on December 9th , following a long battle with prostate cancer. It is with  great emotion that Bertrand continues the work Jean has done over the past 15 years.


THE RACE OF COURAGE BERTRAND GODIN is an initiative bringing together a multitude of activities to rally motorsport enthusiasts to the fight against prostate cancer.

Bertrand will offer a portion of his income at each car race in which he will participate starting in 2021.  In addition, he will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the accessories in his fashion collection. Several activities and fundraisers, benefiting PROCURE, will be overseen by THE RACE OF COURAGE BERTRAND GODIN.  Several  athletes and motorsport organizations have accepted  the invitation to join the  movement  to support the cause.   Several activities will be added to  the initiatives in the upcoming months.  Stay tuned by visiting the website and donating now.


PROCURE is a charitable organization in the fight against prostate cancer. It educates, supports, and informs people affected by this disease. It promotes and contributes to the financing of world-class research.

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